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A little history on this beast. It is the "1st" PRS that I ever owned. I say "1st" because it is technically the 2nd. I had traded a Les Paul and Stratocaster to get this against my dad's wishes and 2 Shows later, a I knocked over my Guitar Stack at the end of our show freaking out and the top 4x12 Cab fell down behind and my Black PRS Special was laying on a case behind the stack and the cab broke the neck in half. OUCH! It couldn't be fixed so I finished it off by smashing it onstage. I kept the body as a memento.

I really loved the Guitar, even though I had only had it for a couple weeks. I went out the next day and bought a Duplicate of exactly the same guitar. A Black PRS Special. This guitar played a very important role in my career. I recorded our 1st 3 Records with this PRS. SuperNova, Willpower and Self-Titled. I also used this guitar on Temple of the Morning Star and In The Eyes of God. I cracked the headstock and broke off a tuner by accident during a tour on the In The Eyes Of God Album and decided I didn't want to take any chances with this guitar getting fully destroyed. It means the world to me, as it STARTED my career in Music. So, I kept it in the case (that was also Destroyed), for the last 14 Years and have not played it. I was getting ready to tour in March-April in the US and Mar-June in Europe and saw the Article on the PRS Site where Len and the boys took a Black PRS with a cracked headstock and made it look like new. So, I got hold of the guys at PRS and Len said he could bring her back to life. So, tomorrow she will be arriving by UPS and I can't wait to play that Guitar Again.

I have been overly fortunate to have been Endorsed by PRS since 1994. Throughout my career, I have met Paul a handful of times including at the Factory and have been Treated THE BEST by PRS. They have always been 100% behind me and hooked me up with both guitars and helping me keep them serviced. I don't mean to go overboard, but they really do make the Best Guitars on planet earth. They also are Artist supportive beyond belief. I am truly grateful for everything PRS has done for me. Thanks Len, Shawn, Winn and Paul. You guys are the best and truly great people.
There ya go, straight from the horses mouth. Thanks for the stories Steve!