Hey all... First time poster, long time lurker.

I'm in the market for a Santana and have been checking the big retailers such as MF, Sweetwater, Dave's, Wildwood, Willcutt, etc etc daily looking for any sign of a 2013 model. I'm holding out for the 2013 model because I, like most folks prefer the newer bird design on the 2013s. Any way, I was on Sweetwater just now and spotted one of the new 2013 models and to my surprise the fret board binding is gone! This obviously goes against the spec sheet on the official website, so I'm a bit confused. Has binding been eliminated for the 2013 Santanas? Or is this some sort of one off oddity? I know PRS has ditched the binding on all of their other models for 2013, but it would be a real bummer if they did for the Santana as well.

Here is the link to the 2013 with no binding...