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    25 43.10%
  • Quilt

    19 32.76%
  • All hog or opaque baby!

    5 8.62%
  • Anything goes

    5 8.62%
  • Depends on the Color (Explain)

    4 6.90%
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Thread: flame or quilt + color choices

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    flame or quilt + color choices

    Do you prefer flame or quilt tops? Or dislike maple all together?

    Does the color change what type of wood you like?
    I ask because while browsing recently, I discovered, on more "classic" type colors such as vintage smokeburst and the like, I prefer more of a straight flame. If it is quilt on those colors, I like the quilt to be of the straighter variety - not crazy, outrageous type.

    Doh! I realized I didn't put my own preference as an option on the poll and can't edit.
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