Got this idea from another thread, but wanted to present it to the entire forum to see if there is any interest, and to see if it can even be implemented.

Here it is, in a nutshell. As a group, the forum chooses a traditional rock classic. Something everyone knows, ad recognizable that every hook is already ingrained in our memory banks.

Once we choose the song, we then video ourselves playing the tune. Easy rules...1 ) You can choose to play rhythm or lead. 2) You must play the entire song however, and 3) you must keep tempo to the original BPM of that particular song. comes the tricky part....I would hope that we could choose a song in the 4 minute (plus or minus) range...and get enough members to allow for about 15 second segments...can you imagine...."Aqualung" being played by 18 different people...edited into a smooth version of the song with each person's segment edited to follow or precede the other ones? I think the final result would be both hilarious and lots of fun to create.

I don't know if this is do-able...and I imagine it would be a lot of work for the video/audio editor(s) to make it a smooth transition from player to player. I figure, if each person commits to playing the whole song, the editor would have a lot to work with to ensure that everyone gets a segment of the video.

This idea evolved from the "Unicorns" thread in which several members demonstrated their creative writing skills in developing a story unique to the elements of this forum. It even had Zombies!!

So....any interest in this project...and more this possible to be done? Is there a "youtube" editing machine, or equivalent??? Post your interest, or lack thereof, and we can go from there. If you have any knowledge as to the technical stuff involved to make this work...please post it as well.