Got my se custom 24 today. Had originally planned to refinish it since it was more the body color I wanted to use and not the top. So I was hoping it would come with miss matched top so I could tear into it without much regret. Got a bunch of veneer ordered that was close to the out of hand price of the guitar. Got the veneer first because it was such an amazing looking burn I didn't want it to get sold out from under me.

Very happily I was very disapointed with the top. It looks fantastic nicely matched grain with no uneven color on one or the other side. I will post some pics tomorrow So I don't think I am going to refinish it now.

Now I am a bit stuck as to what to do. I am slowly convincing myself that I have to buy another prs se now. Its just the only smart thing to do right? So I am trying to figure out what one. Since going used this time I am going to strip it to bare wood. That way I wont have to care about the original color.

Did different years use different finishes that might be harder/easier to remove?

I have an se 245 and custom 24. Any ideas on something that would compliment? Preferably something that I would be able to show off the veneer with.

I am thinking a soapbar since I never had a p90 pickup guitar and like most things prs se I have heard many great things.