Very soon now I will be shipping my beloved Faded FBJ ME1 off to the PTC to have them give it a Glossy Finish and rub Magical Pixie Dust into the BRW neck. I lean very heavily towards leaving the faded color as is. I figure I know I like how it looks now, but there's really no way of knowing how it looked right out of the spray booth. I know the majority of you would leave it alone entirely and not even go the gloss route. Being that I had already begun the process myself, having that completed (in true PTC style) is a given for me.

Before Glossing:

Glossy Top:

I don't have a decent photo that really shows the difference between the Original and the Glossy look.

Example of the Fade:

I was unaware of the fade until I removed the bridge and knobs to continue the glossing process. I never got around to completing it so I went ahead and put her all back together so I could play her rather than sitting in the case. Therein lies my dilemma. Do I leave the fade as is or have it restored to it's original FBJ? Remember that regardless of which direction I go, it will be glossy.

What would you do? Inquiring minds want to know. Please share pics of your NOS FBJ ME1's. I'd love to see some various unfaded versions - old or new.