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Thread: To Refinish or Not To Refinish?

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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    The color on mine is very accurate in this pic. It is too bad these fade but 50's LP's have faded too, both classics!
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    For reference, here's mine on the day I picked it up. It was already 3 years old at this point:

    Under artificial light here now it looks a lot darker, but in this recent pic in daylight I think the colour's still pretty strong. Mine lives in case though, it's never kept out on a stand.

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    I should mention that mine has spent a lot of time out of the case, but almost never in any direct sunlight. With that said keep in mind that it had already faded when I got it. For me, I have no problems with this color fading. It almost seems like it was intended to do just that. Other colors I've seen don't necessarily look as good after fading, but this one sure works for me.

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    It has been decided for me. I will not be getting it refinished due to funds. Not an issue though since I hadn't really planned on doing that anyway. It was still fun to start thinking about various colors though. It's going to be about a month away before I can send my ME1 in. I will of course post up a NG(lossy)D when she comes back home. Thanks for all the input!!

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