I have this one incoming, spec'ed with Brent late last summer. There was a minor finish issue that occurred, so it is headed back to PRS for a quick fix, no worries, I am confident they will make it perfect. So even though I don't have an NGD for this guitar yet, I am so amazed on how this guitar came out, I thought I would share the pictures here.

I spec'ed this as Armando's Amethyst, but with a burst added. The Burst is certainly Armando's Amethyst, but the body of it looks a little lighter, I suspect Paul Miles and the finish team did that intentionally to show the contrast with the burst, and to make the quilt pop more. Those guys are true artists with the Private Stock custom finishes!! I love how this came out.

Anyway, here it is, SC Ted with McCarty body thickness, Obeche body, Curly Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Board, uncovered 5909's, One-Piece Quilt top in a custom Armando's Amethyst Burst.

For history's sake, I spec'ed this in a Purple to sort of replace the awesome Ultraviolet SC Wood Library IRW Ted that Steve/11top sold me last year, now in the hands of Chris/goof1073.

For the record I already know that this wood combination makes for great tone, my Earth Cu24 PS (just sold this week to fund the next PS in the oven) was identical in formula, Obeche body for light weight, Curly Mahogany Neck, and it had great tone. Can't wait to get it and to see how it sounds, I am sure it will be great!!

(BTW, I am going to switch to Amber Knobs, I prefer those even on brighter colored Private Stocks, they tie in nicely with the brown backs and give a more Vintage look...)

Thank you, Brent, Paul Miles, Tina and the rest of the Private Stock team, for another awesome creation!!