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Thread: Positive Grid's JamUp Plug

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    Positive Grid's JamUp Plug

    After buying an Apogee Jam and putting it through the paces with the most popular guitar modeling apps for iOS I settled on Positive Grid's JamUp XT Pro as my favorite. So I bought their JamUp Plug. Figured why not at $20.

    Certainly gets the job done and at $20 with a smaller footprint than the Apogee Jam I believe this will have a permanent spot in my travel bag.

    If you are looking for a cheaper interface the JamUp Plug can't be beat and I think most people would agree that their JamUp XT software is really turning heads. It is also 50% off, $10 instead of $20, right now as they are having a NAMM sale.

    Here are a few pictures.

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    I love this thing. I have one as well and it's just awesome. I'm surprised at the convincing tone I get from my iPhone .

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    I would really like to see some feedback on this versus the iRig! I scored an iRig on Ebay for $15 shipped, but when it arrived I could hear the samples and metronome, but no guitar... web search indicated a pretty common problem, but none of the fixes worked for me, so I sent it back for a refund. I am hesitant to order another one, or an alternative - but would really like to have something like this as a travel option. Me and my buddy jammed with me on my guitar and amp, and him plugged into my PA via an iRig - worked fine. Might be enough for some of the work place jams we do at my office, I wouldn't have to haul my amp in and risk banging it around.

    With my iRig - I could never get any sort of system requirements (was my iPhone 3Gs too old?), I tried all of the their fixes, cleaning the headphone jack with air, removing the phone from any case,, tried multiple guitars, cables, and headphones. I don't want to be that frustrated again...
    Mike Cantrell

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