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Thread: Doohickies and Doodads?

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    Doohickies and Doodads?

    There are a lot of cool truss rod covers, key rings, bags, etc, out there. Let's see 'em! I was very excited to hear talk about trying to get a forum trc created. I'm in, if it happens. What else is out there? Things from Experience? BAM? Roadshows?

    PS: I got nuthin' but a lanyard from a local roadshow visit last year, so I'm counting on you guys.

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    I'd love to see more of the credit card shaped pack of PRS guitar picks. Those were awesome!

    Need a pick? Just open your wallet, punch one out, and rock out.

    And... a newly designed deck of cards would be pretty cool. There are at least 54 more guys who would like to have one.
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