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Thread: Bad English (not the band) and Poor Editing in the News.

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    Bad English (not the band) and Poor Editing in the News.

    We all know American news media outlets have hit all time lows not only in terms of bias and the trash stories they report on but also in terms of poor spelling, bad grammar and lack of editorial review. Every day I see errors that would have had me kicked off my high school newspaper staff but would never have made it past the editor's proof read. I would never claim to never make writing errors but I don't do it for a living. So post here any screw ups that catch your eye. Some are funny, some are just bad.

    This one comes courtesy of the Huffington Post (I honestly think HP is written by first graders) and was in today's story on actor Ron Jeremy's hospitalization.

    "He was also reportedly recruited last year to help catch Luka Magnotta, the alleged porn-star-gone-Canadian cannibal."

    So, was he a cannibal porn star who turned Canadian? Or maybe a porn star turned cannibal who only eats Canadians (do Americans not taste good)?
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