...my Custom 22 would be so upset. Please, don't tell her!

I went to the PRS booth very early on Thursday, hoping to see some lefties. Two years in a row we've had some lefty PRS goodness. So, imagine my disappointment when I didn't see a single lefty guitar at their booth. I got over it pretty quickly, by snapping pictures of all those beautiful guitars (some of which I posted here) and by playing the next best thing: a Nik Huber Orca '59. Since this guitar sounds and feels incredible, and it would still be cheaper than getting a Private Stock lefty guitar, I think I might just take it home.

Mr. Smith, I know you have to do what's best for your company, so no hard feelings. Next time you throw us southpaws a bone, I will be there. I still want a MDT, especially now that they threw an FX loop in it!