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Thread: Musical Parents

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    Both of my parents could at least sing, and my mom used to play the guitar a bit. Apart from that, I just took the whole musical thing and ran with it.

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    My mom took piano lessons throughout her youth. She was a fantastic sight reader and thought about becoming an accompanist at one point. She's never been musically creative, however, and she's given up playing now. My dad bought her an acoustic guitar back in the 70's, but she didn't really take to it, so it sat around for years until a not-quite-teen aged me discovered it...
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    My sister was 1st chair all state flute in Virginia in high school. My brother is an avid music fan an my primary musical influence. He had me listening to Metallica and Slayer and skate punk bands in the 80s instead of bad hair metal. I have been playing guitar in rock bands for 20 years after going through a variety of instruments in school bands starting in 5th grade.

    But my parents? Absolutely nothing. Neither played an instrument of any kind, no interest in music whatsoever. My mom doesn't know how to turn on her stereo in her car.

    My wife's dad plays guitar and drums, primarily a drummer but can really play guitar well too. He's written and recorded several solo albums worth of stuff and played in cover bands doing 70s prog rock like Yes and Rush. So, he encouraged her to play and got her involved with his music, she eventually settled on the bass.
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    Tone deaf, non musical father. He rarely listens to any music except for the odd Irish tune.

    My mum could sing a little but beyond that wasn't musical.

    Music wasn't a big thing in my family growing up apart from what we heard on the telly or radio or occasionally in the car and I pretty much discovered it myself at 14 / 15. Hated music at school though and I showed zero musical ability. Quite a turn of events that I picked up guitar at 16!
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