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Thread: Picks- old favorite or do you like variety?

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    I Like planet waves black ice picks. smaleer than a standard, larger than a jazz pick, slightly rounded tip. They come in .88, 1.1, nd 2 mm thicknesses.

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    Tortex Green or Purple.
    Green for 10's in E or Eb
    Purple for 10.5's in D or lower.
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    Dunlop nylon .88 mm, the grey ones. I tried a few picks early on and finally settled on these. I would like to try one of those big, stubby picks sometime. And theres a dime sitting on my floor right now that I might try. Billy Gibbons uses a Mexican coin, I think

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    For the longest time it was the Orange Tortex... then it turned to the Yellow Tortex. Bought a Vpick once after trying a ton of them. Lost it within a week. Really felt like I dropped a five out of my wallet.... I always seem to have a bunch of random picks laying around though.

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    Dunlop red Jazz3s and grey nylon 88s.Have used them for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WEDGE View Post
    Seems like we have a huge variety on here.......I propose a pick swap!

    Would work like an address where someone can send you 4-5 picks of whatever size, shape, or color for you to try. Someone posts their address, and so on and so on. Everyone has a pile of picks whether they are your faves or spares so this would be cheap and only cost us each ;like 40 cents for a stamp. I am in and here is my address for mailing.....

    Paul Golden
    28 Knollwood Drive
    Hebron, CT 06248.

    Whose in? I will send picks to the first one to reply and that person sends to the next to post, et cetera....
    Good idea! So someone sends you picks then you send them to the next poster? I'm in, but prefer to PM the address...

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrett View Post
    I've been hooked on the yellow Dunlop Tortex for years. I don't even think about picks.
    I stopped playing guitar for about 15 years. Nothing pleased me more than discovering that my .73 Yellow Dunlop Torties were exactly the same!
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    All I wanna use these days are X-H (Extra Heavy) Dunlop Gel picks.

    All thinner/harder picks sound bright and "pingy" to me by comparison.
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    Right now i'm currently using 1.14mm Dunlop Tortex III picks which are a cross between the Purple 1.14mm Tortex ones and the Dunlop Jazz III. I like them a lot!!!

    I use the blue Dunlop Tortex ones for rhythm. Got an assortment of other picks but they rarely get used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogie View Post
    Good idea! So someone sends you picks then you send them to the next poster? I'm in, but prefer to PM the address...
    Yeah I can understand not wanting to post your address on here and I should've done the same. Shoot me a PM with your address and I'll send you some picks. Just post on here that you have sent me your address and that you're the next in line so somebody else can send you their address and we can keep this going.
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    This has been my favorite since I tried it a few years ago.....


    Ruby Red
    / Medium Rounded

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    for many years i use celluloid picks like ibanez metal heavy.

    now i found special - carbon picks.
    they sound just big with a hard sounding click.
    very durable, but they get your fingers black when playing for a long time.
    it is just a very little carbon dust, but to notice.
    thicker than normal picks but very comfortable and never slippery.

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    Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber.

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    I use Dunlop Max Grip 1.14 (kinda a silver/graphite color) Nylon picks.

    I used Tortex for a long time, but the Nylon picks tone is very close to my fingers/nails when I hybrid pick. I find the 1.14 Nylon to have about the same flex as the .73 Yellow tortex picks.

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    I've used Dunlop 1.0mm for years. Recently someone turned me on to Lollar picks.
    They are made from Forbon, vulcanized fiberboard.When you first get them they are un-beveled but develop a bevel fairly quickly.
    I dig the feel of the pick on the string and the tone of them. I feel like I can pick more accurately with them.
    I'll carry the broken in one in my wallet along with a few Dunlops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WEDGE View Post
    Anyone use stone, wood, metal, or any other alternative pick material? I have tried a metal thumbpick and the tone was harsh but I wonder if different metals and finishes would have a mellower yet still immediate toneality?

    I mostly use stone (Brazilian agate) picks in the shape of a Jazz III from Picks and Stones. The agate has a distinctive sound on the pick attack, and it takes a while to learn to not make that sound but it's worth it. Really warm, full sound that (paradoxically) is pretty close to just using my fingers. Since I pretty much always hybrid pick that's a good thing.

    I also have a 1958 quarter (the year of my birth) made into a Jazz III shape that a good friend gave me for my 50th birthday. Good for playing ZZ Top and Queen tunes!

    Regular old Jazz IIIs, the Eric Johnson version (which is more like the old ones I played for years if not 100% there) work too.

    On acoustic I still like classic celluloid Fender picks in the traditional shape.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, I also use Blue Chip picks, which are made out of stupidly expensive type of plastic that happens to sound really really good.

    I should also mention that I've discplined myself to be a lot more careful with my guitar picks. :-)
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    I have used Fender mediums for as long as I can remember. I have tried others, but just keep coming back to what is familiar. I do hear a difference between pick materials and thicknesses.

    My only complaint is that the Fenders don't seem to last very long. A few hours at best. I tend to sharpen the edges to the point where I don't get a full sound any more. Does anyone else have this issue? How long should a pick last?

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    Right now I am using the John Petrucci Sig Jazz III's. The size is perfect. If not that I use the jazz sized purple tortex picks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Duncan View Post
    Usually use these or the PRS verison.
    I just tried these the other day and really like them. Lately I've been using picks with a grip hole in them but I'm going with these for a while.

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    The Lollaris my fave, but I will use my siggy picks on occasion.
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