Hi everyone! I'm a brand new owner (from last Dec.) of a fantastic 2010 CU24 "10 Top", built early 2011. Got a really great deal from the folks at TGSCAN for this nice baby... Happy 2013!!! Yeah! Yeah!

I saw my first PRS guitar from a Guitar Player mag I bought in 1986, not too long after I got my first guitar. I think it was the second guitar magazine I ever bought. The very beginnings of my love affair with guitars. Unfortunately, I don't have my original copy anymore. Here's the cover:


Yep, it was Big Al Di Meola that introduced PRS guitars to me. I just never forgot that picture. It really stuck in my mind. I think it might have been the birds. Yeah, it probably was the birds. And maybe the carving.... Yeah, the carving too...

And now, 20+ years after, me too can have that little grin on my face while I show off MY PRS....

So, how did you get to know there was something called a PRS guitar?