Hey all, the post about making CD's caused me to think. Do people care about the quality and detail of the music they listen to at home. I've been an amateur musician for over 40 years. I love listening to live performances of many genres. Several years ago I learned how good a home audio system could be and invested in building one. The components of my home sound system are all mid to very high-end. Most of my pieces have been accumulated from audiogon so I seldom pay full price but they are still very high quality. I can tell a significant difference in the detail and quality of a good front end source compared to a poor media recording.

As we continue to move to lower quality recording media (mp3) versus CD versus analog vinyl, the sound we hear from our speakers become less and less dynamic and musical. If you are playing background music then who cares, but if you are sitting to do nothing but listen carefully to something which you really love, it makes a difference.

Over the last 15 years I've spent time researching equipment, shopping for bargains and doing A/B comparisons on components to improve the listening experience I achieve. My system isn't the best money can buy but I've achieved high enough quality that further improvement becomes extremely expensive.

As guitar players we always search for the tone we like and ways to improve. Many of us save money to buy the best PA speakers we can afford to make us sound the best we can.

Why do you think it is that people just don't seem to even consider the quality level of the source of music they listen to?

Does it matter to any of you?