Hey all, so I have a Mesa Rectifier and some DI tracks laid out, and would love to try to re-amp them. I don't have any decent instrumental microphones besides a 57, but with the space I'm currently living in, my neighbors will kill me if I crank it up and personally, and since I tend to burn the midnight oil while doing this stuff, I needed other options. Also, a mic'd up amp I've attenuated the living crap out of just isn't the same to me.

I was thinking I could just record it direct and use impulses since I've had experience with that, and I'm pleased with the tones I achieved while recording direct. I love the potential flexibility of reamping, but don't think I entirely understand the possibilities of reamping. I have been able to record direct with the head, a dummy load, and some good old Redwirez impulses no problem, but now I wanted to treat some DI tracks, either some made by yours truly, or by someone else I wanted to have a mess around with.

Apart from having a guitar, head, Logic 9, an impulse loader, and a dummy load, I have

-A Radial reamper. I don't mind not having a DI box per se, and the dry tracks are decent enough IMO.

-A Roland Tri-Capture

Also I used an old Line 6 for the guitars every once in awhile, though it's not very useful at the moment. Since this is my first time trying to pull off this stunt, I figured I could ask you guys for help on how to set this stuff up, though it's a bit off the beaten path, and I want to get it right rather than hearing some ungodly awful squelch and squealing from something because I may have accidentally the setup or something else dumb.

Thanks in advance