Hey folks,

Thought i'd introduce you to the new addition:

Not seen these guys on web much yet in this colour. Looks wicked with the maple cap too.

Got mods planned:

New nut
New tuning pegs. I was set on Scahller m6 mini's but I've heard Grover 406C's are as good too (anyone with experience with both, feel free to let me know)
New p'ups - Tremonti treble and maybe a #7 neck
Full re-wire with the p'ups at same time 4 cts 500k's, 2 x 0.022pf PIO caps, new switchcraft short shaft toggle.

The neck is incredible. I think it's thinner than my US made cu24 which I love so that's excellent. As a starting point, the guitar itself is great, I'm just gonna gut the thing and build her up again.

One question maybe someone here can answer that i've never understood:
Of all the things an SE model gets done to it, the nut is more or less always the first thing to change. Why don't PRS just simply put in a US nut? I got them from PRS europe a couple weeks ago for not very much. Surely it wouldn't change the costs drastically and people wouldn't have to go and change a fundamental point of the guitar/string interaction process. Just a thought, but for what it cost me to buy aftermarket, I imagine the cost to PRS themselves is much less so maybe add 10 to the RRP? I'm down with that.