I have another post that went over FedEx dropping my first amp ordered then damaging another then having the amp die on my first gig. Well I thought it was fair to give an update.

First of all Mike Clark and Doug Sewell from PRS went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I feel it is what every company should do but few excersie it. Even though I did not order the amp directly from them and they did not ship it to me, they took full responsibility to make sure I was taken care of.

Sweetwater who I ordered it from did not. I waited six weeks after the first amp was returned and they continually said that PRS did not get back to them (via email). I finally asked if they own a phone and why don't they use it? I decided not to wait for them anymore and emailed PRS directly. Since then I got answers on a regular basis. After Sweetwater first shipped me an amp of a different color than advertised they said that hapens sometimes and again blamed PRS for giving them the wrong picture. Then after I cleared it up with PRS and ordered the correct color they had the nerve to put on the new invoice that it was a special order amp and NON RETURNABLE! WTF! I had done a lot of business with them in the past and they took good care of me but I think you only really see what a company is made of AFTER you have a problem and see how they respond to it.



So my amp works and sounds great! It turns out there was a bad tube or two (probably from dropping it again DAMN FEDEX!) and that was all they could find after replacing the fuse. They overnighted it back and forth PAYING FOR ALL OF IT. Sweetwater did pay for theirs also but once I reached out to PRS they basically didn't do anytinhg for follow up and blew me off a bit. Shame on them. I wanted to cancel my order but PRS was so nice and attentive I actually felt bad for them instead of me. I spoke to Mike many times and Doug offered to drive the amp back to me in Boston (half kidding, I think) after calling me to troubleshoot it. Class act both of them.

So hats off to PRS they earned my business and I would GLADY do it again.

Thanks Mike & Doug and crew!

Peter S.