I've had this super sweet set of NOS USA Tung Sol 6L6WGBs that are burning a hole in my pocket. They are pretty sentimental to me since they came from a 1950s-era audio amp...get this...that belonged to my mom! She's been gone for several years now and I've wanted to find a special place for these tubes; maybe a vintage amp of some sort. But the thought crossed my mind that maybe if I found the right PRS amp - an original Dallas, perhaps - Doug could mod it around these tubes? The 6L6WGBs are lower voltage variants of the 6L6 family and are not drop-in replacements for the common 6L6GCs we know and love.

So my question is, what do you guys recommend? Vintage Fender blah-blah (fill in with your suggestions) or should I find the right surrogate to ship to Doug & Company to do something unique? No ideas will be ignored (unless they involve grinding up these tubes and sprinkle them in the finish of the amp shell...ain't doin' that!).