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Thread: Here is my guitar I'm new here

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    Here is my guitar I'm new here

    Hello my PRS friends, I am new to the forum and I have a 2001 Custom 22 that has been my pride and joy for years. I noticed there is no classified section but my guitar is unfortunately for sale. We have 2 little ones and I need some money (I'm sure many of you know) Anyway my guitar is priced to sell and I was hoping a good PRS fan would want it instead of the local guys who want to buy it from me low and resell it. I just need to sell it was fast as I can

    I hope it isn't a breach of etiquette to post an ad for my guitar but I do need to sell it and it seems like there are a lot of good guys on here. So if anyone is offended by me putting this up sorry.

    Anyway here is the rundown I am only asking [Mod edit] it is in wonderful shape and priced to sell. Pictures [Mod edit].

    This is a 2001 PRS Custom 22 in Emerald Green. Its date of manufacture is February 14, 2001. It's "one-off" status comes from the fact that it is finished in emerald green on every part of the guitar. The people at PRS helped confirm this for me because it was a little confusing as to why mine was different. PRS puts a solid black back and headstock on these usually. The grain on the back is amazing with this finish and its a really unique piece. There are no dings in the finish of this guitar at all! It comes with Dragon II pickups with the 5 way rotary switch for tapping and switching pickups. Tremolo bridge with arm in its original hard shell case. Flamed maple top on mahogany back and neck with cream binding. Fretwork is flawlessly done on a gorgeous rosewood fretboard. The original truss rod wrench comes in the original case. It does have the locking tuners and intonates better than any guitar I have ever played. These guitars are notoriously well suited for both clean and distorted tones. This has been the ultimate studio guitar and it covers all your bases with ease. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can. Thanks!
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