After the "why is prs guitars your favorite" thread, it got me thinking. What if I like my LP more than I think I do? Hmmm. I put a new set of strings on the LP and took it with me saturday night. After our first set I put it on. Everything I dislike about that guitar seemed to be magnified. Hard to reach upper frets, small feel, dual vol pots, toggle placement. Even though I think it has great tone, I simply dont like it. I used it for one song and quickly went back to cu24.

I have considered selling it before but after last night, why should I keep it? Why did I think I wanted it in the first place? This is the second LP I have owned and im right back where I was the first time, sell it.

What is it about LPs that appeal to people? Is the gibson marketing that good? Are LPs the Harley-Davidson of the guitar world? Got to have one so you can brag about it? I dont know for sure but I can say the LP desire for me is OVER. I will never buy one again. I LOVE my prs guitars and look forward to another purchase in the future.