I just picked up a PRS Bernie Marsden SE off of Ebay. I had an idea of what I wanted from this guitar before it arrived so I ordered a bunch of parts at the same time I bought the guitar.
I want it to be closer to a USA PRS in looks, sound, and playability. This guitar is temporarily taking the spot in my lineup that was filled by an '03 Singlecut. I know it isn't quite the guitar that the Singlecut was but I know I can get close.

The guitar came with a Tone Pros adjustable bridge and a hardshell case so that was two things I didn't have to buy.
The parts I did buy for it are:
1. Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAFS with nickel covers (DP103 & DP223)
2. CTS 500K premium pot from Mojotone
3. Two 500K push/pull pots from Mojotone (they have the USA size shafts and knurl pattern for USA knobs)
4. Orange Drop .22 cap ( I like the sound of these)
5. PRS ivory pup rings (the newer style)
6. PRS hardware kit (screws and USA jack plate)
7. Graph Tech Tusq nut
8. Gold speed knobs (for USA shaft)
9. Planet Waves locking tuners ( I like the factory Kluson type but went with these for faster string changing)

I'll also be refinishing the headstock black with a gold PRS script logo. It's not to convince anyone that this is not an SE but I like the looks better and (no offense to Bernie) I don't really care for an endorser's name on the headstock.

Let the modding begin!

I started with stripping off all the parts and wiring from the guitar.
I wired up the electronics outside of the body with the pots mounted on a piece of cardboard. I used a variation of the DGT wiring diagram with 1.1K and 2.2K resistors on the pup splits. Doing most of the work outside of the guitar was a big help since the control cavity on the Bernie is very small.

The holes on the body need to be enlarged slightly for the new pots to fit. The controls are, bridge volume, neck volume/neck coil split, tone/bridge coil split. I forgot to order a Switchcraft toggle but I will get one and put it in later on. The stocker is a decent switch but I have had great luck with the Switchcrafts. They last forever.

More in next post...