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Thread: Dallas Guitar Show

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    Dallas Guitar Show

    is only a few months away...

    I still have my tee shirt from 2007... a PRS tee with schematics and Dallas 2007 on it. That year PRS did a special run of guitars, CU22's with McSwitching, in three new/unique opaque colors with natural backs. I almost scored one of the champagne colored ones not long after the show.

    I thought that was a really nice run - any plans to return to commemorative tee shirts or a new run of Dallas guitars? I know there was a Dallas shoot out run of McCarty's, but they were similar looking to any production McCarty, just with a note on the back of the headstock.

    Maybe you could do a run similar to '07...

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    I went a couple years ago. Johnny Highland put on a few clinics and we had a nice little signature club meet and greet.

    Is PRS going to have a significant presence this year?

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    I've had some great times at the Dallas guitar show ... many with Mike. However ... I feel differently about both the opaque guitars and the Dallas Shootouts from Mike. A limited show run would be cool though. I like them numbered ...

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