Hello all,
Guitar Aficionado recently published their list of 10 Essential signature guitars. I thought their list was lame, so I thought I'd indulge myself and list my own top 10. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Gibson Historic R9 1959 Reissue Les Paul - The all-time Classic Sig model, IMHO.
2. Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster - the 1st signature Strat. I hate the midboost, but these have the best Strat necks I've ever played.
3. Ernie Ball Music Man EVH - I've owned all of Ed's signature guitars, except tr $25,000 Frankie. (That one was a piece of ****...) I still think the original is the best. Awesome tones, and a PHENOMENAL neck.
4. PRS Santana - Gave PRS credibility in the early days...and let's not forget it's beautiful and sounds great.
5. Gretsch Country Gentleman - How many folks bought a copy trying to sound like Mr. Guitar?
6. Jackson Randy Rhoads RR1 - This modified V is a classic. How many metal heads started buying pointy guitars after Randy started playing this? This was also the first Jackson guitar.
7. Gibson Wes Montgomery - I was torn between this and several other hollow Gibsons, most notably the Johnny Smith. But I went with the Wes, solely because I'm such a huge Wes fan.
8. PRS DGT - I'd venture to guess this is one of PRS' most popular models. Totally different vibe than the Santana. Why have I never owned one of these?
9. Ibanez JEM - While I'm not a huge fan of these guitars, Steve Vai's JEM series has been immensely popular for over 25 years. The JEM has been influential too. How many players based their own guitars off of a pointy Ibanez with a basswood body, ultra-hot Dimarzios, and a paper-thin neck?
10. Washburn Dimebag Series - I'm not a big fan of of Pantera, nor do I care for Washburns in general. But they've sold about 40 million of the damn things...

I'm not sure this is the best list...I'm sure with a bit more thought, I could come up with some better choices. And note there are no Telecasters on the list. (I guess Tele players like em off the rack for the most part?) But I do think my list is 10 times better than Guitar Aficionado's.

What's your list?