I guess I'm one of the millions of Gen X'ers that wants to relive the glory days of the mid-80's. Santa Cruz has released reissues of some of the Rob Roskopp decks. Still haven't seen one like the one I had but when I do, it's on like Donkey Kong. Mine was like the 3rd one from left but the color of the target & beast matched the 2nd from left.

Back in the day, scratching up your deck was crazy. In 1984 a complete board was about $150. That is roughly $340 in today's dollars (accounting for inflation). So we put lots of heavy crap all over them. The trucks had covers. The nose and tail had covers. The sides had rails (Gorilla Ribs on mine). The rear section had rails (Ugly Sticks on mine). And the rear truck had a cover over the center called "The Bird". We didn't use those piss-ant little wheels that get caught on every freaking pebble in the street. So sir. We used BIG wheels. I was rocking a set of Kryptonics big enough to qualify for long-boards use. They weighed... like... 15 pounds.

Who knows, maybe buying a skateboard is a bad idea for an overweight guy in his late 30's. But I've never let a bad idea stand in the way of a good time.