I was just shooting the breeze with Hans about his “Baltimore Raven” and debating if I NEEDED a PRS with Floyd. I have been on the verge of doing it for a few years and never pulled the trigger… but it is now getting to the top of the list!!

Anyway, we got talking about bridges and I thought I kept a pretty good balance of Trem Vs Hard Tail… but turns out I was wrong… I am over tremmed!! And my ratio of Floyds is higher than I thought. I had never really kept track of this till now..... So I thought it would be good for everyone to have a think about their ratio…. Acoustics don’t count!!!

Here is mine... What's yours???

All Electric Bridges:

Hard tail/fixed bridge = 31%
Standard Trem = 41%
Floyd types = 25%
Other = 3%

Just PRS… last weeks order made me 50/50, I have never really tracked it before...
Hard = 50%
Trem = 50%

P.S. I know that the %ages are not a ratio ;-)……. just easier that way