Been very jealous of the UK, they have gotten some absolutely beautiful limited edition color SEs (Santana, 245, SECU24).

Recently I noticed the Cherry Sunburst migrated from the SE245 Soapbar to the SE245 on the web site, and is starting to show up under "coming soon" sections.

And we've added Grey Black to the SECU24, but some web sites list Vintage Burst and Black Cherry as additional colors (not pictured on the PRS site) AND I've seen Purple.

Is there an official "global" guide to all currently available SE colors, and who's selling them, and whether they are limited, store exclusive, etc.?

I love my SECU24, but if given the choice, I felt Tobacco was the lesser of two evils; I felt the blue was too dark to bring out the top. I would have chosen Vintage Burst or Purple any day of the week.