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Thread: The "Forum Guitar" body - the most basic aspect

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    The "Forum Guitar" body - the most basic aspect

    Set aside everything else. If we cannot get enough people to agree on a basic body shape and PUP configuration, there will be no "Forum Guitar". If we are too diverse, we would have to settle at best for a PTC "Forum Makeover" for whatever your favorite guitar is.

    This poll is for body Shape only. It does not address the body wood or what the PUP options might be. It doesn't even address thickness or the body carve. There is one thing we must all agree upon first...

    I'm thinking that unless we can get 50 or more to agree on a body and PUP layout stat, we are just whistling. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, but this should identify whether it is a real possibility or just a dream.

    IF we manage to agree on a body shape, we can move on to basic PUP layout.

    As I see it, we have a basic shape and PUP configuration, then a base spec for everything else. We add reasonable options for the base specs with an associated up-charge, i.e. a trem, FR or piezo instead of a stoptail. - but the base model is a stoptail. If we agree on a SC, there could even be an up-charge option to make it a DC, or vice versa.

    The base specs would necessarily be the leas expensive of the various options like Mahogany neck instead of figured Mahogany or figured maple.

    The base guitar should be affordable to members on a budget and shippable overseas. Those with deeper pockets could enhance the base model increasing just their own costs, not the costs to everyone.

    This poll is intentionally simple. We need to build from the smallest starting points.
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