I don't get a proper cup of coffee often enough. I guess I'm a coffee snob by American standards. I didn't start drinking coffee at all until I was nearly 30 and living in Australia. They have a great love for espresso there and coffee shops everywhere offering up excellent cappuccinos, lattes, etc. Such is the quality that the Starbucks where I lived in Adelaide went out of business.

There's a great coffee house around the corner from home now, but I usually only drink coffee at work so I settle for Caribou or Starbucks most of the time. Every now and then I get to swing by the local place and it's so satisfying to drink a properly made cappuccino. I'm three years removed from Australia now, but it still bums me out that Americans settle for inferior coffee. Most Americans don't know what they're missing out on!

Who else among us is a discerning coffee drinker?

I'll go ahead and post this clip from The Bucket List to get it out of the way...