Hello everyone! New member here, first time post but long time PRS guy.. Currently own a PRS McCarty SC245 and think it by far the best sounding, feeling and looking guitar i have ever played..

Ok so i am possibly trading my Gibson SG Custom standard VOS for a 2007 PRS Singlecut Soapbar satin.
I know the price of my SG is much higher and even though i am losing out, I am well aware of that and its ok with me.

Can anyone tell me about these particular models? I never played or seen one in person, I have read reviews but would like to hear some more comments.

Me? I play mainly Rock, I dont play out, only at home. I play thru a Marshall DSL 50 head going to a Mesa 1x12 Thiele cab ( the newer ones ) and it sounds MONSTROUS! My SC245 sounds perfect to me and can pretty much pull off any sound i want.. I sometimes like to play a few metal riffs here and there and it sounds great. I know the Satin has soapbars/p90s and even though they put out pretty high output, there not made for metal.. I am not planning on using this guitar to play anything deadly heavy. When it comes to rhythm tones i like? the tones of ACDC, Greenday ( just there tone ), Metallica ( james rhythm sound )..

I have owned a Gibson SG special ( i believe there called ) the ones loaded w p90s and i loved it.. Only reason i got rid of it is because the build quality of this particular one i got was horrible, so i returned it. I love the growl and the open sound the p90s had when i played it thru my DSL on the lead channel with medium gain.. It ROARED i think the only think lacking was the fact that it was a SG and the body was somewhat thin and since p90s arent the thickess sounding pickups, the thin body and p90s didnt have a lot of bottom end. So since the PRS is a all mahogany body ( no maple top ) i think it will actually sound much more thicker and have more bottom end.. am i correct on this?

From what i read, the soapbars/p90s have a LOT of noise when playing with a good amount of gain ( i have a noisegate so thats fine )

I am more asking about the actual guitar itself.. How is the build quality on these? I heard they go thru all the sames stages as every other PRS other then the finishing and binding and what not.

How is the neck without any binding? I ALWAYS hate Gibsons that have no binding on the neck.. because the frets are sharp, sometimes stick out, and it feels rough on the edges and just not comfortable at all.

So pretty much, Can anyone tell me anything about this particular model before i make the trade? Are these good guitars? ( even though i dont think i have yet to see a bad PRS ).. Will it sound thick and heavy like my SC245? i know it wont be as heavy sounding but will it sound as thin as a strat with single coils? How is the electronics in the guitar? the hardware? etc?

Anything anyone can add would be great!

Thanks! ( and sorry for the long post )