I hope some up here can help me. As much as it pains me I have to sell my beloved CE24. My wife is very ill and I am selling all I have so the PRS has to go. Here's the problem. It has a plain black neck plate. I checked google images and some quite a few with the neck plate just like mine. The serial number on it starts out 07 indicating to me it's a 1990 model. It has the short heel by the way. Some asked to see the pickups in it so I removed the neck pickup and much to my surprise it has the date 10 - 6-93 in it. I had several people retract there bids because the " guitar is not all original" they say it was put together from two different guitars. I really , really need to get as much as I can for the guitar but certainly don't want to rip anyone off.

Is it common for the body to be dated in on year and the neck in another?

Here is a pic of the neck pocket

and here is a link to the whole set of pictures of the guitar


your help is desperately needed and greatly appreciated

Thank you, Joe