Hello all,

My only experience with Private Stocks thus far have been with existing (i.e. used) guitars. With the recent availability of some Brazilian rosewood, I'd like to place an order before the BRW is gone forever. I'm having a bit of trouble deciding exactly what specs I want...mostly in the bling department. For those who have ordered a Private Stock in the past, are there any recommendations? Things you'd do differently? Any pics of cool artistic touches?

First and foremost, I want this to be a tone monster. Of course, I want it to be gorgeous, cuz they ain't cheap! But if it sounds like crap, it's all for naught. What I'm thinking so far is basically a short-scale Modern Eagle 1, but dressed up a little.

DC245 (with the normal headstock...not the "Santana style")
BRW neck (obviously! )
Wide-Fat carve with very-slightly rounded shoulders
Stainless steel frets (Is that an option?)
Modern Eagle tuners (slightly different than Phase II, extra stabilizer screw...NOT open-back)
I want a Mann-Made trem...1-piece! Brass saddles?
Obeche body
Quilted maple top
Vintage Yellow finish...anyone seen one in Satin? I'm thinking maybe just gloss the top...

Tonewise, something simple...McCarty electronics, with Zebra pickups. 59/09 bridge, 53/10 neck. (Non-squabbin!)

By the way, here's the top I've selected:

Here's where I'm getting stuck...

Part of me wants it to look Old School with plain Mother of Pearl Birds. But then I think this is a special guitar, so I should dress her up. Perhaps abalone inlays? Just enough to dress her up from a normal ME1? Then I see stuff like Americana Birds and Artist III purfling. Decisions, decisions...

Any recommendations and photos will be much appreciated!