I have a friend who collects Kay jazzboxes from the 50s and early 60s. He's got a bunch, in great shape. Some look new 60 years after they were built (probably because they didn't get played, ever, LOL). Most of them were higher end for Kays, with original headstock trim screwed or glued on that looks like it came off the dash of a 50s Chrysler. He's the first to say he has no idea why he likes them enough to collect them; he admits they were pretty much second or third-tier guitars when they were new, and age hasn't necessarily improved them.

But I respect a guy (or gal) who has an interest, pursues that interest, and has fun while doing it. When I go over to my friend's house, I see his eyes light up when he pulls one of these dinosaurs out of its case, and gives it a go. He's just delighted. How can ya not be happy when you're hanging out with someone who's having a great time?

I know we have plenty of folks here who have beautiful collections of superb guitars, but what I want to see or hear about are the strange ones, the guitars you have that you look at and say, "Why the heck did I buy that?" and at the same time, you wouldn't sell it.

Here's the headstock of a 50s Kay jazz box: