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Thread: Hey, good lookin', Whatcha got cookin'?

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    Hey, good lookin', Whatcha got cookin'? - The recent Vault trips!

    I know a number of people here recently put some serious work into the oven so...

    Let's see whatcha' got cookin'!

    With a big thanks to TGS + PRS partners in crime. Here is my offering.

    The full kit.

    Brent said he would make me a quilt man and it might have happened. I have never owned or been drawn to quilts. This top however screamed at me and I could not deny it.

    Yes I took a picture of the wrong side. The other side looks about the same so you get the idea.

    Braz everywhere. Including, but not shown here, backplate and tuners.

    I picked inlays last, as I usually do, and later seen this beauty in the PS area. Same design and material as what I had selected.

    Color reference, Honey Gold Smoked Burst.

    Custom 22
    McCarty switching
    Gloss nitro
    Wide fat
    Stop tail
    Mixed hardware
    Brushed nickel pickup covers
    Anodized gold bridge
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