The last thing I needed to do is buy another guitar. In my second trip to WWG in month, I found it hard to resist the pull of this DGT with it's fine mahogany bones, ebony board and one piece top. It looks pretty good, but it is one badass player's guitar. The sound of this one seemed to be a cut above the dozen guitars I got to play around with on the big stage at WWG's VooDoo Lounge.

We had a thaw and some sunshine today in Cleburgh. So I threw a towel down and let her lay out in the sun.

Cool Aqua Violet One piece quilt top. Cool Richter Quilt Strap I picked up at NAMM.

Nice Flames and Stripes

Nice milky White Turquoise inlays. Subtle, and goes well with the Aqua Violet.