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Thread: Speakers... What's your flavor? What's not?

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    Celestion G12-75t or V30s for me

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    I just got a WGS Reaper HP (50 watt version, at 8 Ohm), and I am totally blown away the guys a WGS were great. We chatted about the types of music I play, the tone I was looking for, other speakers I like/dislike. I've been using Vin 30s and Mesa's C90 and EVM12L for years, and like them all for different reasons. The Reaper hit all the high points of the Vin 30 and C90, and does so very smoothly. It sounds tight and full clean and rips when pushed. I'm running amps up to 50 watts, but was told the 50 watt rating on the speaker is VERY conservative and shouldn't be a problem.

    I just put this in a hardwood cab I made modeled after the Mesa 1x12 Theile widebody, but a convertible back. It sounds fantastic. Highly recommend it, if you like Vin 30s, but want a smoother mid with more bass. I was very excited to see PRS listed on WGS's list of builders. Other than the ET65, is PRS using any other WGS speakers?

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    I didn't realize this was already a thread when I created a similar one in the general forum:

    Anyway, I'm digging the new configuration in my 4x12 - 2 V30s and 2 Eminence Wizards. I played a band practice and a show with it and was happy. No reason to switch back. The change was less drastic than I thought it would be, certainly less drastic than going from a closed back 4x12 with 4 V30s to an open back 2x12 with a G12H30 and a greenback. Instead, it retained a lot fo what I liked about 4-V30s together, and added some of what I thought was missing, namely smoothed things out and added some clarity to the top end.

    So, that leaves the Bogner Alchemist 2x12 cabinet, with a G12H30 70th anny and a greenback. What I will likely do there is swap out the greenback for one of the V30s from the 4x12 (all the speakers are 16 ohms so I can freely swap them around) so the 4x12 and the 2x12 cabinets have similar speaker configurations and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) I can switch back and forth without affecting the sound of the band so much.
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    I use digital amps and cabinets almost exclusively, especially when recording. But I have definitely noticed that the cab colors the sound almost as much as -- if not more than -- the amp itself. I almost always prefer a 4x12 with greenbacks for lead tones, though I am starting to come around to V30s for rhythm. I stick with stock speakers in combo amps for clean tones (JC-120, Fender Twin).

    Very curious to hear an a/b demo between the greenbacks and the new Eminence EJ1250.

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