Just been looking at my music collection and realised most of it is from a bygone era. Mainly the 60's, 70's and some 80's. Things get a little thinner in the 90's and beyond. It's got me thinking...

So, imagine you had a one shot deal to go back in time. You can go back to any era you wish for as long as you wish but you may not influence history, only observe. Where would you go and what period in history?

I think id want to go back to about 1965 / 66 until 1970 and observe the birth and early days of some of my favourite bands. An obvious choice perhaps but I think i'd be in my element. I'm not sure i'd miss any of the trappings of modern life... Or maybe I would. Perhaps i'd appreciate them more?

A turbulent era with the cold war in full swing (Though a few years after the Cuban Missle crisis), Vietnam and many other events, but no more turbulent or dangerous than today if you think about it. There was also the moon landings, ladies in mini-skirts, and of course the music!

I'd need my memory wiped of course or I wouldn't get the same joy hearing these tunes for the first time:

65: I can't get no satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
68: White Room (Cream)

I'd want to be there when Hendrix blew Claptons mind!

Early Floyd, The Beatles, Woodstock, The birth of rock.... So many I could go watching bands every day and not scratch the surface!

Oh... And of course, if I can slip a few vintage instruments in my time capsule to sell when I get back all the better!

So, whare would you go and which period in time? Remember, you can only observe and it's a one shot deal.