I've noticed the forum has been hovering around the 590+ range for a little while but hasn't yet (To my knowledge) gone over 600 active users. Hans asked us card holders to commit to a new thread a week, but i'll be the first to admit i've fallen a little behind with that. I fully intend to try and create some more but I was thinking...

What else can we do to raise the numbers in addition to what we already are doing?

What if we all commited to giving the forum a couple of mentions this week on various social medai such as Twitter and Facebook and the like (Assuming you have accounts). Is it possible PRS could give a mention a couple of times on their FB and Twitter feeds this week coming? maybe there are PRS players you know who aren't a member but you think would sign up... Not everyone wants to be a member of a forum but surely it won't do any harm to give a little mention here and there?

Any other ideas?