Tonight was my second Penguins game of the season, and first with my mini-season ticket plan. Tix went on sale while I was on vacation (two days before Experience PRS 2012), and it turned out to be the easiest mini-plan buying event yet (this is the fourth year for me, I think). And we ended up six rows from the ice, which is the closest I've ever sat for an NHL game (although six rows at the new crappy arena is almost twice as far from the ice as six rows at the dearly departed Civic Arena).

To begin with, the Pens played a second consecutive sucky game. The Devils put on a puck possession clinic in the third period, but that's straying from the topic.

I sent my wife a text to record the game because a) I wanted to see how the fight four seconds into the game started (I know what it was from, but I had my head down for a sec and missed the actual start of the fight); and b) my daughter said she saw us on TV. I thought we might be close enough, and while it really makes no difference to me, I was kind of curious.

My wife didn't hit record. She watched the game. Just didn't record it for me. And it was on NBC Sports Network instead of the local RSN, so no replay of the game.

Could not find the hat I wanted to buy. I found it during their half-off sale at the beginning of the season, but the one I found was damaged. Haven't seen one since. My son finally found the James Neal jersey he wanted - but they didn't have his size.

Finally, the Pens have a charity raffle each game. Tix are $5, the prize is $4k - or in board terms, a new guitar. I don't buy a ticket every game, but once in a while I do. Tonight I did.

The winning number was 1432. That's 1-4-3-2.