Talking about "non-pros" and "non-bands" here. What "real person" do you most associate with your curent musical tastes and knowledge, and why? Who might even be a fellow forum member.

For me it was "Summer of '74"....first time I ever worked as a counselor at the "New Jersey "Y" Camp in Milford PA (go figure). My first "sleepaway" experience...either as a camper or counselor.

During that eventful summer (I even brought my Epiphone Acoustic up with me, confident that the girls would love a guitar player. Suffice to say I was still a virgin when I returned home from camp that summer. Oh well). eventually was experienced shortly thereafter. retrospect...Almost as important (well, not trumps everything ) was what I learned that Summer from Lloyd Katz of Queen's Village NY (thanks Lloyd...where are you....what happened to you? You were a double for Mannfred Mann).

Lloyd introduced me to 1) Blue Oyster Cult (we can stop there...Winner for life)...and 2) Pink Floyd (after camp was over, I drove to Queens from my apartment in Brooklyn and we went to see the brand new Pink Floyd movie "Pink Floyd live at Pompei""Echoes"!!!! top it off...he told me all about this relatively new band that incorporated classical style into rock...a band called "Electric Light Orchestra" (I had never heard of "The Move" so this was brand new to me).

In one summer....BOC, PF and ELO...I will say that of all my friends....of all the critics I've read....of all my experiencing "opening acts at concerts" Lloyd has to be the one who impacted upon me the most. Introduced to 3 bands I was only vaguely familiar with....bands that today I can say were the primary musical influences on my taste and musical directions taken.

If I had to say which "non-civilian" impacted me the would have to be the DJ crew that comprised the golden era of NY's "WNEW FM". Scott Muni...Alison Steele...Dave Herman.....Pete Fornatelle....Meg Griffin....Richard and Dan Neer.....VIN SCELSA!!...these people knew music...controlled the WNEW "wall of albums" and formed much of my musical knowledge from about 1969 until 1984. That era was for me....the greatest era for "A.O.R." when you had an independant station that wasn't bound by automatic play lists. for that matter.....WLIR, with John Debella and Larry Klein...were also major influences from the late '70's into the mid '80's.

So....what's your stories???? (Leave out the Sex and Drugs...)this is pure Rock and Roll!