I am the proud owner of a 07 PRS Singlecut Satin soapbar.. Awesome guitar! Loving the satin/wood feel and loving the p90 PUNCH and love the way you can hear the clarity of each string when playing rock tunes with moderate gain/overdrive. Another thing i really like is how the volume knob actually lowers the overall output/gain, So if i am playing something heavy and i lower the volume the gain actually lowers and i can get a nice broken up clean sound..

I am new to p90s! This is my first guitar with p90s and i am just curious what a lot of people are using in the p90 equipped guitars?

I also own a McCarty Singlecut SC245 which i find to have the best sounding pickups i have ever heard (57/08s)

Which p90s do you prefer? and what style do you play?

I use my p90s for a more rock/blues style.. I love the cleans that i can get also.. If i am correct, the SC satin soapbars are using Seymour Duncan P90s? I havent spent to much time with it yet to know if i love or hate the Seymour Duncans but i am just curious what others use.

I know a majoirty of people out here probably have a p90 PRS that has a maple top but seeing as how the SC satin is all mahogany ( no maple top ) what may be bright for you, may work perfectly for me, since the all mahogany will be a little darker.