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Thread: P22 maple neck/board VS rosewood neck/board

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    P22 maple neck/board VS rosewood neck/board

    I'm seeking thoughtful input on these two sets of tonewood options as I plan to order a P22 artist in the near future.

    For background-I've owned ME1,2 & Quatro as well as a McRosie. The ME1 and Quatro had 59/09's and the ME2 and McRosie had 57/08's. My favorite tone was most likely the neck pickup on my ME1 with the volume rolled off to about 5 or 6. It made for an articulate open tone that was beautifully complex with harmonic bloom. It worked great for open chords as well as single note work especially in the higher register (12th fret and up).

    Most of my playing is spent in Christian rock so I need good tone to cover everything from cleans to crunch to high gain. I don't need a molten lava metal tone and I prefer more open tones vs the compressed gain tones.

    SO, I'm wondering which tonewoods would best compliment the 57/08's in the P22 for my needs. I've always loved the feel of unfinished crackwood. However, visually I'm lusting for a Trampas green quilt top with a flame maple neck and fretboard but ultimately tone rules the day and I'm trying to gather input from my guitar brethren to help me figure out which way to go!

    Thanks in advance for your input.
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