Last week, I was sure that I had broken some bones in my right hand due to a bull coming down on the back of it. It instantly turned purple and swelled up. I should have went to the hospital right then, but I'm stubborn and had a job to finish. So I went in the next day and had it x-rayed. No broken bones, which the doctor said was a miracle, just some deep bruising that will take a couple weeks to get over. My right hand is totally purple at the moment, but I can do just about whatever I want with it except get things out of my pants pocket.

The funny thing is, when it happened, I swear to you my first thought was "If my hand is broken and it gets put in a cast, will I still be able to hold a pick or play guitar?" I got lucky and didn't have to deal with this dilemma. But I started wondering about what complications that other players on the forum have had to deal with, both short term and ones that they've had their entire lives. Lets hear 'em.