I pay much too much each month for the Cablevision "gold package" that I never use. Most of my time I end up watching either "Pawn Stars" or "America's Dumbest ______" for my insipid entertainment. "On Demand" leaves a lot to be desired.

We like movies.....We are also the type who don't really want to wait a couple days from the time we decide to watch a specfic movie until it might arrive via the mail. We are more into "immediate gratification".

So...can anyone provide information on the "Roku type of devices" currently being sold? I know there are several variants to the basic box, and several different competitors. And different options allowing more types of movies to be viewed. that is where my knowledge hits a total dead end.

What are the advantages? Depending on the options you decide upon, how feasible is it to get internet streaming on the TV so that when we want to watch a movie we can choose one that is instantly available? And which sources offer the most available movies via "instant gratification".

What are the options to look for....which options are not necessary. I am certainly willing to pay additional $ for a subscription service (e.g. Netfllix) so that we can get instantaneous access to the greatest supply of movies.

Recommendations appreciated. Any advice as to how to proceed is gratefully accepted. thanks in advance.