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Thread: Whats your Top 3 rankings of SE Guitars you would purchase...

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    SE Single Cut Soapbar
    SE Single Cut Korina
    SE Bernie
    I'm working on #3 later in the year. 1 & 2 are downstairs. I like them so much I'm playing blues again, just to have a reason to gig with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris528 View Post
    Since I have purchased one of my top three I made a new list, two are the same.

    SE Clint Lowery

    SE Bernie Marsden

    SE Tremonti
    Changing my list again since I just picked up a Tremont

    SE Clint Lowery

    SE Bernie Marsden

    SE Custom 24 7 String

    Hoping to possess the Lowery very soon so will have to change it again.

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    Market Rasen
    1) SE Custom 24
    2) SE Paul Allender
    3) They don't make it yet but similar to the Torero
    PRS SE Custom 24 in purple quilt with Bare Knuckle Holydiver and Emerald
    PRS SE Custom 24 25th Anniversary in Vintage Yellow with Bare Knuckle Crawlers
    Blackstar HT-60 Soloist
    Carl Martin Quattro
    Mark Tremonti Wah

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    but it's the American companies that are doing it to you BY exporting your jobs overseas.
    Don't forget, PRS is an AMERICAN company and buying SEs puts money in Paul's pocket..that I'm sure he pays taxes on...but nevertheless, just like Fender in Mexico and their Squier line made in Asia, or Gibson's Asian Epis..or Martin and Tatlor's Mexican made models....they ALL do you.
    And they COULD be making them stateside and remain profitable. Godin has guitars assembled in the USA. Larrivee builds guitars in California.
    Foreign companies can make money using American labor but American companies can't/won't?

    Anyway...sorry...this is a bit of a pet peave of mine. Fact is that, buying an SE IS buying American and supporting an American company (and encouraging other American companies to continue to export American jobs).
    Just sayin'

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    Can't believe I missed this thread before...

    In no particular order, sticking to electrics only:

    - SE Custom 24 (2012 onwards with the coil tap)
    - SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Soapbar
    - SE EG SSS trem

    Yes, unfortunately only 2 of 3 are currently in production, but that triumvirate can pretty much cover anything in the universe. If you swap in an SE Angelus Custom, take out the EG.
    1990, 91, 92 & 97 CE24s | 1991 CU24 | 2000 CU22 Semi-Hollow | 2003 & 04 SE EG
    2008 SE Semi-Hollow Soapbar | 2011 CU24 GC Throwback | 2012 Signature Limited
    2013 408 Brazilian | 2013 Paul's Guitar | 2013 HB II | 2013 CU24 Swamp Ash Limited
    2013 CU24 | 2013 XPRS 408 Semi-Hollow | 2014 CU24 Semi-Hollow

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    Ok, at the risk of looking like a flake I'm gonna recast my vote.

    1. Lowery
    2. Torero
    3. If they put real Tremonti pups I'd go with the Tremonti SE, but they don't so the 7-string gets the nod
    2013 HB II Artist, '11 SC 58 Artist, '14 Custom 24 10Top Floyd, '12 Tremonti one-off, 2007/13 McCarty Korina,'11 Custom24 Quilted 10Top,'12 DGT w/BK Miracle Man pups,'12 Studio w/BK Cold Sweat,'07/13 Navarro w/BK Cold Sweat pups,'12 NF3, '09 Tremonti SE, EVH 5150 Half stack, Randall Half Stack, Hughs & Kettner TubeMeister, other fiddles; Suhr, Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Jackson, ESP, Dean, EVH, Taylor, GJ2, Ibanez, Kramer, Agile & Spawn

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    SE 245 Soapy - make the goldtop already!
    SE Clint Lowery
    SE MM Baritone

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    Clear Perspex SDB SE 24 x3.

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