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Thread: What Was Your First Guitar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vchizzle View Post
    A National LP copy, black w/gold hardware that belonged to some dude in prison that traded it in to a local store - I hope that thing was sanitized before I got it
    At any rate, I didn't catch anything from it

    No, I don't have it and wouldn't want it back...although it seemed pretty solid and well built for what it was.
    Let's not forget the Silvertone strat copy that you sold me that I sold back to you before we knew how to play anything.

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    My first guitar is a dreadnought given to me by my uncle. It's just about 5 or 6 years ago. It's from a brand called Norman, under Godin. Not very famous or popular at all, but they were very affordable for Canadian-made guitars. Cedar top and wild cherry back and sides with some really sick grain. The Mine was in satin natural, so it was all well worn in. All my clumsy first strums contributed to the light relic. Looks beautiful and sounds awesome. I don't think I've picked up any other acoustics that sound better than it. I still have it and I can safely say it's a keeper for sure.

    My first electric? A 2009 PRS SE Custom 24.

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    I was fifteen years old when I was able to find the real guitar. The same can be referred to as a Japan made from Stratocaster, as well.

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    The first guitar I had was lent to me by an uncle of mine. It was a les paul gold top copy, no idea who it was made by but this would've been about 25 years ago. The first one that actually belonged to me was a christmas present from my parents and it was a black telecaster copy with a maple neck. Sadly some piece of sh*t burgled the family home and it was stolen. That was replaced by a Squire Strat and the collection started to grow from there......

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    Cortez LP, no and no.

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    Black Aria Pro II.
    I kept it for about 3 years. I went to my 1st real guitar lesson and my guitar teacher took 1 look at it, asked me where I got it and said, "yeah you won't be keeping this for long"
    He let me play his Tom Anderson Strat (which at the time felt terrible to me) and then worked with me on what to look for in a guitar as far as what felt comfortable/good to me.
    Whale Blue 2008 McCarty w./ IRW neck / DGT IRW neck incoming
    Black Slate 513 w./ IRW neck
    PRS 2 Channel H + Bogner 20th Shiva
    EBMM BFR Petrucci 7 string (IRW neck)
    EBMM Mystic Dream 6 string (IRW neck )

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    The first one was in the late 80's. It was a black Washburn electric. I don't remember a model name. At that time I had no idea what I was doing.
    A few years later I sold it and picked up a 3 tone burst Am. Std. Strat. Several years later I had to pawn it to pay bills during a rough patch. I still miss it.
    About 3 or 4 years ago I decided to start again, and got a Strat Am. Special.
    Then last year an S2 Custom 24. Best one yet!

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    A 1975 Gibson Les Paul that I still have to this day and its staying in the family.

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    My first guitar was a Washburn acoustic dreadnaught. I don't remember the model right now but it was a basic non-electric, non-cutaway. It actually has very good sound for a starter and I do still have it. My son keeps wanting to take it in fact even though I've already bought him several others that he still has. I mess with it occasionally but the neck is too narrow for my fat fingers now that I've gotten used to playing wider necks.

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    My parents gave me a guitar when I was 14 or 15, around 1978-79. I have no idea what brand it was, but it had nylon strings and a very wide neck that I could never get started with. I lost interest and the guitar vanished into history. Fast forward to 2010 when I decided it was finally time to get started in earnest at the tender age of 46. Keeping my previous experience in mind, I was determined to buy a decent reasonably-priced guitar that sounded and felt good so I wouldn't get (too) discouraged. I ended up buying a Seagull (made by Godin) Original Series S-6 dreadnaught, which I absolutely love. 6 months later I started thinking it would be fun (and good for the ego) to get an electric guitar to mess around with. My guitar teacher, who has the most astounding collection of random musical flotsam in his shop, had a cheap guitar with the name "Ofria" on it that was apparently assembled by some guy (named Ofria, surprisingly) who lived in my area. It's a solid body guitar shaped a bit like a Music Man with the rounded "horn" on top, really crappy humbucker pickups, but a wonderful bolt-on neck. I still have it but it hasn't gotten much love since I joined the PRS family last November. I'm thinking about setting it up for slide playing when I have time to start learning that.

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