How do you have your pickups set up? We all know how sensitive they are to adjustment...I finally decided lowering all three as low as they would go is giving me the best all around strat like sound when fine tuned to my PRS Recording Amp and my Marshall 2466....I found a few other good heights but I always felt like I was fighting the bridge and Bridge/Middle positions when pickups were set higher.

Shawn feel free to jump in and tell us where the PTC boys prefer to set them.

Again I'm going for more of a vintage strat sound (Hendrix to SRV)...with that juicy natural compression,sag and snarl when you dig in with the right tube amp....(think cranked marshall circuit or opposed to blackface)...raising them up a bit brings me more into modern strat/Jeff Beck land...

I'm not sure if I'm 100% satisfied with where I have them set right was kind of odd lowering them all....but I'm in the right ball park...I've also had to run very different EQ structures than I'm used to running with my other guitars.

on both the Marshall and the Recording Amp I've been running treble and bass gains close to maxed with treble slightly higher than bass...then running Bass and Mids at about two thirds and treble one third...and using my volume and tone knobs to shape clean to snarly.