Hi first post here, just wanted to say I have been looking for a Les Paul type guitar to use at some of the shall we say less salubrious establishments my band play at where I wouldn't want to take my 58 reissue. I came across the PRS SE 245 (having never really considered a PRS before) and I have to say this thing rocks big time, I have read many reviews and comments from owners who have felt the need to mod this model but honestly I cant think why. From the box I only needed to tweak the truss rod to take some of the relief out of the neck and drop the action a tad and it plays as sweet as a nut and talking of nuts this has one of the best cut nuts straight from the factory I have ever seen absolutely perfect. The pickups are excellent they scream when I need it and clean up really nicely and I really cant find a single fault with the build quality superb stuff!!!! Right that's the pros now the cons I really will have to change the knobs they are truly horrible that's it the only thing I can find wrong with this guitar.