Ok. I really need some honest advice guys. I am a long time user of the fender strats and have couple ( 1976 original and an early 90s mim). I have decided to buy another guitar and been toying with the idea of buying either a fender select hss strat or a prs 408 maple top. I like to play rock (not heavy) and love the single coil sound. I think both guitars will give me this as the prs has some interesting switching options on the pickups that will allow this.
I've never had a prs and the thought appeals to me ....the price diff is quite substantial!! Am I likely to be paying over the odds for the prs brand or are the guitars really worth it??
Is the fender select a comparable model. Are the parts quality?
So the question for you die hards out there is which guitar will I get the best bang from my buck!!